Computational Galaxy Formation, Ringberg, May 2016


S. White Introduction to the major questions
V. Springel Circumventing road blocks towards multi-scale, multi-physics simulations of galaxy formation
P. Hopkins Numerics, resolution, and physics: What's needed at the frontiers of galaxy formation theory
N. Gnedin Real friends say hard things: numerical convergence
R. Teyssier Galaxy simulations: more physics, more resolution, more sense?
T. Naab Challenges for connecting small and large scale simulations
S. Walch The impact of massive stars on the ISM
C.-G. Kim Star formation and outflows regulated by supernovae
M. Li How do supernovae drive multiphase galactic winds?
P. Girichidis Dynamical impact of cosmic-rays on the structure of the gaseous disc and outflows
T. Peters The turbulent life of dust grains in the supernova-driven, multi-phase interstellar medium
V. Semenov Non-universal star formation efficiency in turbulent ISM
M. Mac Low Star formation in the context of galaxy formation
M. Vogelsberger Modelling dust in large-scale simulations: first attempts


S. Zhukovska Secrets of dust evolution in the ISM from numerical simulations of GMC evolution
C.-Y. Hu Resolved photo-electric heating and the interstellar medium in dwarf galaxies
O. Agertz Shaping the ISM with stellar feedback
C. Dalla Vecchia Modelling thermal SNII feedback
S. Benincasa Pressure-driven regulation of star formation in simulated galaxies
G. Murante Simulating disk galaxies with a novel sub-grid prescription
B. Keller Supernova-driven superbubbles in cosmological galaxy evolution: outflows, regulation, and the limits of stellar feedback
B. Roettgers The cycle and distribution of metals in galaxies
C. Christensen The cycling of gas and metals in simulated dwarf and spiral galaxies
T. Sawala Solutions to the Local Group's Cosmic Puzzles
A. Wetzel Simulating satellites around the Milky Way
J. Wadsley Radiative transfer and regulation of star formation in typical disk galaxies
C. Pfrommer Cosmic ray physics in galaxy formation


R. Pakmor Magnetic fields and cosmic ray driven winds in galaxies
R. Grand The Giga-galaxy project
F. Gomez Warps and waves in fully cosmological models of galactic disks
C. Scannapieco Simulations versus observations: toward a consistent comparison
B. Ciardi Simulating cosmic re-ionization
Y. Dubois Growing high-z BHs with SN and AGN self-regulation


P. Johansson Regularized post-newtonian black hole dynamics in Gadget
D. Angles-Alcazar Torque-limited black hole growth and feedback in cosmological simulation
M. Eisenreich The influence of AGN feedback on the ISM in early-type galaxies
A. Pillepich Exploring numerical implementations of AGN feedback beyond the Illustris model: from the X-ray signal to the stellar content of massive haloes
T, Ensslin Information field dynamics: deriving simulation schemes
T. Costa The physics of AGN-driven outflows
R. Bower On the role of black holes in galaxy formation
B. Moster Empirical population models as constraints for galaxy formation simulations
K. Dolag Bridging clusters to galaxies in simulations
R. Dave MUFASA: galaxy formation simulations with meshless hydrodynamics
S. Genel Monte Carlo tracer particles for non-lagrangian codes
D. Nelson Circumgalactic gas as mediator of cosmic inflow


R. Craine The impact of regulatory feedback on gas flows in the EAGLE simulations
Y. Bahe The metallicity of group and cluster satellites in the EAGLE simulation
M. Schaller Current numerical and physical limitations of the EAGLE and APOSTLE simulations. Some paths for the future.
F. Durier The CARMA Project: what do we really learn from galaxy formation models?